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"I am on the board for my daughter's daycare and we used Pod4Design for a fundraiser. We made over $1300 in only two weeks!! Maria was a pleasure to work with and made things soo easy! We will definitely do a fundraiser with her again in the future. She also provided a prize to highest seller which was a great incentive for the fundraisers. In addition, the therapy bags have fun prints and are great quality! The shoulder/back bag is my favourite and the stitching holds the wheat in place which you don't find with similar products. I highly recommend the product as well as the fundraiser. Thanks Maria!"


- Amber Marks


"I was first introduced to them from a Grad fundraiser my daughters did at their school, which was a fully supportive and easy fundraising endeavour to do.  Maria was great to deal with!  Then I started to really feel the benefit to having several around the house, as everyone steals them LOL.  Always have 2 in the freezer, and a couple different sizes in the cupboard for heating up. With an active family & 3 athletic kids, heat and ice are regular needs in my home.   The designs are beautiful, so even when they’re not “put away” – they look great!  The bags also make great gifts, friends love receiving them."


- Tracy Leipsic